6 simple home remedies for black halos around the eyes



Many women suffer from the problem of dark circles around the eyes, and this applies to those who work long hours or suffer from sleep disorders, where the person seems older because of these circles.
And markets filled with powder bleached to treat or cover these spots, but to resort to nature is the perfect solution, especially as the eyes and the surrounding area is very sensitive, and these are some treatments that can be prepared at home, according to the newspaper “Times of India”:


1. Tomatoes
Helps mixture of tomato juice and lemon twice a day, to ease circles around the eyes dramatically, as advised to drink a glass of tomato juice, with some mint, lemon, salt leaves twice a day, as part of the treatment.

2. Potatoes
Some peeled potatoes cut in Qatanna damage in the form of balls, and in the wet potato juice, then placed on the eyes after a blocked:, making sure it covers the spots to be removed, and leave for 10 minutes then wash with cold water.

3 tea bags
Another simple technique to get rid of dark circles around the eyes by putting cold tea bags on the area to be treated, where the soaked green or chamomile tea bags in the water, then placed in the refrigerator to cool before being applied to dark circles.

4. cold milk
The use of cold milk compresses around the eyes to get rid of dark circles, as well as soften the skin, using Qatanna wet and cold milk are placed around the eyes, making sure to cover the entire region.

5. orange juice
Mix a small amount of orange juice with drops of glycerine, mix and put on dark circles around the eyes, and in addition to that this method helps to get rid of the annoying halos, they also give a natural glow to your eyes.

6. pineapple juice
Blends pineapple juice with turmeric powder, and regularly placed around the eyes, and the ease of this method of spots significantly.

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