A divine miracle shake America .. Tell the Prophet Muhammad 1435 years ago


One of the Americans sat in a pool of mud scientists then discovered something very strange. Tell him which the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him from the year 1435.

Scientific research published in the renowned scientific journal “pint Moleikolr biological”, a team of US scientists found that some tropical plants issued ultrasonic vibrations were monitored and recorded with the latest specialized scientific instruments.

The scientists who have spent nearly three years in the follow-up and study this phenomenon perplexing had reached on an analysis of these ultrasound pulses to Photoelectric signals by monitoring electron device, saw scientists impulses PV is repeated more than 100 times per second.

500501He noted Professor William Brown, who was driving a dedicated team of scientists to study the phenomenon, that after the results that have been reached there was no in front of them a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, and they have presented research on a number of universities and scientific specialized in the United States, Europe, and the center results. But were unable to explain that phenomenon and were surprised.

The last time was that experience in front of a scientific team from Britain, among whom was a British Muslim scholar of Indian origin. After five days of laboratory experiments that the British team to stop the British baffled the Muslim world and said: “We are Muslims we have an explanation for this phenomenon and 1400 years ago.”

Scientists surprised by the words of that world and insisted it be explained to them what he wants to say, and recites them the Almighty as saying, “and that it was nothing but praise; but not rewarded glorification that he was meek Forgiving.”

What are the impulses PV but the word God as he appeared on the screen of the device .. !!! The stunned silence prevailed in the hall that he was talking guardian Muslim world.

Praise God Almighty, here is another miracle of miracles of this true religion. Everything is floating the name of God Almighty.

He has charge of the research team, Professor William Brown to speak with the Muslim world to know this religion that the Prophet foretold illiterate 1400 years ago this miracle. She explained to him the world of Islam and the Muslim He then Baatanh Koran and interpreted in English.

After a few held by Professor William Brown lecture in Karnih-Mellon University days. He said: “I have never seen such a phenomenon throughout my tenure, which lasted 30 years and could not any of the scientists in the research team explain this phenomenon, and there is no natural phenomenon interpreted, and the only explanation we have found in the Koran. I can not help about it except to say that I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger .. “The world has announced his conversion to Islam the astonishment of the audience.

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