Among them was the Angel of Death ,video clip will never forget it


The same and not knowing what will earn tomorrow, does not know the same in any land he will die some ..iatkd that death may be distant with him and that the life of his mother, but the truth is that death is between us and him hair and can be surprised man in a moment Wherever you overtake death if you are in Bruges, praising this video is the best proof of that has happened in one of the Islamic conferences organized for Ttarien in Asia to educate Muslims and teach them their religion and was present Conference one of the men, known in his village piety and piety, and the person directed questions to those in charge of the conference and took directs his question calmly and plainness and as evidenced by its shape does not It appears on the form any manifestations of fatigue or illness and suddenly the man fell in front of the astonishment of everyone present who have discovered that the man had died as the Angel of Death, including without knowing one took his soul in moments while he was in full health … .. Hallelujah


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