Awesome surprise he found US scientists when they put surveillance cameras inside the tomb


Every soul will taste death “. Has told us our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and we learned a lot of facts about the death and the grave and what happens inside it also told us that the Holy Prophet peace be upon him that the grave is the first houses afterlife where the Day of Judgment Day to offer a God and account and enter heaven or torment in hell seek refuge with God Beware of them. As we said our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him from the squeezing of the grave and the coming of the two angels Munkar and Nakir Dead to question,? As well as that of the tortured there and in his grave until the time. Various means to the West has tried to cast doubt on the truth of what happens to the dead inside his grave and the torment of the grave and it is not true and it is not a real, and in the video, which with us has some of American Scientists in a village in the State of Yemen put Cammaert Tsoervaiqh accuracy and working in the dark inside the tomb of a Muslim section who recently died, their desire to know what is actually happening inside the tomb, and the next day they bring the cameras to let them know what was filmed, but was rattled by surprise and made them leave to their country with haste from the horror of what they saw and what happened to the camera !!! What they found


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