Book a room at the hotel and occurred surprise

Book a room at the hotel Mourinho Rodriguez room for one night at the same hotel where he was staying Real Madrid team before the game against Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthen gave him a special task personalities ticket.

But it’s not over here …

During dinner on the eve of the Clasico, the “Sbchal and that” the new offer to his friend, received one once in his life, to work with his staff as a device for luggage during the next game in the Champions League against Manchester United.

Mourinho added: “I told him return to your country in any way, Come with us and helped us to Manchester as a factor for luggage and so will live the biggest dream in your life, you will see the Champions League match from the inside!”.

Rodriguez quickly rushed to his hotel room and grabbed his passport to the new Aijeritertibat to work part-time, and overshadowed by what happened, shed here as tears of joy from his eyes on the dining table for Real Madrid.

A few days later at Old Trafford was dressed as a formal club from head to toe assistant crews in the order of players in the dressing room.

After Real Madrid victory that night who helped him expel Nani of the game, Rodriguez found himself the center of the two teams room to change clothes, T-shirts with his own hands the signatures of a group of players clubs Mmeltqta souvenir pictures with them. He even asked Sir Alex Ferguson to find a glass of wine to Mourinho that offer a regular after the game ends.

Rodriguez returned to the United States with a lot of souvenirs, including T-shirts worn by Javier Hernandez and Mesut Ozil, Kaka and Michael Essien, in addition to football and one foot he had been used in the game.

And think at the moment he left his wife Olga and three daughters in Los Angeles to make the trip in an attempt watch the team he loves, Rodriguez said: “I was not decisive to go, but my wife encouraged me to do so. She must go because it has always been this dream.

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