Did you know the story of the young man who defied God to slay him after an hour?


Actually that God waits but does not neglect, only God gives you time to fall back on yourself, but do not forget you, and do not forget the sins I’ve ever done, so be kind to us, Lord, we are not slaves and oppressed us Wallach.

Always hear we hear many words have passed unnoticed after hearing ..
But sometimes we find in our lives is what makes this sentence does not go ahead without that reflect on them
We say one word ..
God best Khatami
As Snicolha after hearing this story:
In Jordan and a college student holding a one stop Bassaath and he said loudly
That God exists Vlamitni after hour
It was shocking and everyone wondrous scene .. stared at it in disbelief of what he says in a Muslim society ..

6061The minutes passed quickly and when completed the intricacies time .. flounce
Students. Pride and defiance, he says to his colleagues Do you see if God exists to Omatne …
And departed the students … and those who said that God gave him to his rule and those who shook his head and mocked him .. The young man went to his family
Happy .. like a mental evidence proved not preceded by a God that does not exist
And that man create Hmla does not know his Lord and has no deadline and Ahsab ..
And came to his house .. and if his mother had prepared food .. and if his father had taken his place on the table waiting for him .. rushed to the young
The sink to wash his hands and face .. .. then dry hands handkerchief
If it fall to the ground motionless body does not have it dropped dead .. The coroner in his report proved that his death was due to
Entry of water into his ear ..
Known scientifically that ass {} If your power of God entered the water in his ear die .. Abe has God not to die .. but as the jackass dies.
I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God Hallelujah God best Khatami wholes There is no power but from God Almighty.
But sometimes we find in our lives is what makes this sentence does not go ahead without that reflect on them and say one word ..
I ask my brothers help me in spreading the story so learn a lesson by you and others, Vtkspon reward 🙂
God best Khatami

Why take advantage of this lesson:

Everything written Bmied, Be confident of victory and God Do not despair, that God does not love the people desperate.
Always remember the power of God to you, do not be forgotten that which God is watching you.
That God is capable of everything, and ordered him between CAF and Noon in the word Be, If something is to say it Be.
No accompany of openly disobeying God, God will Ahacbk on this.
Always Select your friends and be with the righteous.

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