Do you know that the secret of building the pyramids exist in the Koran Hallelujah !!!


The whole world is still amusingly mystery of building the pyramids, which baffled the whole world where research scientists in the whole world about the secret of building the pyramids to Astajabhm that the stone one in the pyramids weighs big tons, how they could carry these stones to this rise Vahtar scientists much because what they’ve done the Pharaohs is not commensurate with their time never

Then scientists found that the stones that built the pyramids of which created a clay and thought he discovered, but their predecessors Koran and talked about it with the utmost clarity.
Researchers stressed that the stones created a clay is heated with a high degree heat and this is what he talked about the Quran very clearly in the words of Pharaoh when he said “Vooukd me, O Haman on clay Vadjaly Lee monument to briefed to the God of Moses, though verily I think of the liars” (stories 38)
It came the scientific proofs that the high edifices built of clay, but the Koran predecessors this to be a state secret to them this great book.


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