Do you know what happens in your body if you drink eight glasses of water a day?



It is well known that drinking water is essential for good health, and often hear about the need to drink eight glasses of water a day but we do not know the reason, and so it has had a newspaper asking this question to Dr. Wael Safwat public health and specialist internal diseases and organ consultant digestive and liver, he emphasized that Dr. drinking 8 glasses of water a day does not hold any kind of exaggeration, it is especially important in the summer and high temperatures, because the drinking water in large quantities has many health


And to you the benefits of drinking water, which after reading the water will become your favorite: 1.alhsol healthy skin and soft: It is known that every girl is keen on beauty great care, but some of the important things that may be the cause Ottaghlha displays her beauty and her youth at risk, it has proven Studies that not eating sufficient amounts of water to the point Drunk displays the skin to dehydration and wrinkles at an early age, and to avoid the complications that cause anxiety for girls to occur, you need to give your body all the quantity it needs the water to get a soft skin and supple and energetic.

2.alhsol on the body limber and harmonic:

Eating large amounts of water helps you get rid of excess weight if the mother Tnolty a large amount of water before eating, this will help you on the feeling of fullness and therefore eating small amounts of food, but you must make sure that this is a natural water and free from any material sugary, as You stay away from soft drinks and sweetened juices.

3.alhsol of recovery and hydration:

Eating large amounts of water to hydrate the body maintains and keeps the temperature even in summer, and high-temperature separation, as it offset the amount of water in the body that come out in the form of sweat until you do not get dehydrated skin.

4.alhaour energy and activity:

God Almighty has created every living thing of water, and so the cells of the body need to water is essential to be in good health, and therefore that it will be reflected you in the affirmative in the form of energy and activity help to do various things in your daily life, either In case of lack of water your body, you will feel weak.

And so never forget to drink 8 glasses of water a day.


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