Do you know what to do when a thorn in the bones of fish related to your throat?


If suspended thorn in the throat of the bones of the fish were unsuccessful usual way of swallowing a piece of bread .. and often annoying problem. Downright annoying
A popular way to remove bone (forks):
First, take some olives and put it in a pot with some cold water and boil on the fire for, then this hot juice drink slowly and Thblah dose after dose to pass juice to Bob Olive for a longer time to greatness. A few minutes later disappear greatness automatically disappear with the hassle of the pharynx.
If you do not believe the effectiveness of this method is that you can put some fish bones in such a juice to see what happens,
Will become minutes after the fish bones are very soft as if cooked pasta
Share them and do not skimp out on your friends
You may save them the inconvenience and pain do not endure


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