Do you know why the donkey sees the devil


Do you know why the donkey sees the devil .. and your parents see angels?


Talk of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon
Him which he says:
)) When you hear the crowing of a rooster, ask God
His bounty; they seen an angel, and if
You have heard braying ass Vtaozu of God
Satan; he saw a devil .. ((
We heard how this stand
And  did not expect that he carries
Alemya..abehr discovery at the world
Discovery ..
The ability of the human visual system
Limited … and different from the visual ability
Hmir..walta to turn differ in
Their visual ability of his religion ..
Thus, the sight of the human
Limited do not see what infrared
..ola UV rays but …
Of roosters and donkeys beyond that ..
The question here ..
How he sees the ass and cock Gin
And the angels?
That donkeys see Infrared
And the devil, one of the elves created from fire
Issued him any infrared
..lzlk See donkeys Gin does not see
Angels ..
The roosters you see ultraviolet
Radiation and the angels are created from light
Any exports from ultraviolet rays
..lzlk See roosters ..
This explains why run away demons
At the mention of God ..
The reason is because the angels come to
Where you mention the name of God flee
Why run away when there are demons
The answer is because the demons damaged vision
Noor angels ..
Other meaning ..
If met UV radiation
The red X in place of the …
IR fade ..

Hallelujah and praise be to God
And not around and no power but from God.
I ask for forgiveness from the mighty Allah

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