Girl waiting for her fiance at a coffee shop and saw the young man seen smiling

00910092The girl I sat waiting for her fiance has agreed with her that offset after work … and drink tea while she took a look around the place and found a young man being considered by her and was smiling !!! He did not care about him any attention; in deed … and after several minutes Nzt same party back to this young man and I found it is still seen and was also smiling .. The roasting because of this very insolence !! And when it came fiance told him what had happened and pointed to this young man went Khatib rushed to him and punched him a powerful punch da on his face led him to the ground .. did not want the young man to Khatib .. But he tried to build on his throne and re-sitting after intense suffering in the search for the black glasses and trying drying drops poured from his eyes napkin of course the girl Bergolah fiance has impressed and anticipation to get out of the coffee shop hand in hand .. At the same moment he got up the young man with the help of the waiter seemed fumbles way out of the cafe and put the glasses on his eye has raised the stick and start fumbles way out .. and then stood the girl and her fiance were held surprising on Sanhma signed surprise ‘by a thunderbolt !! Really careful safety .. In haste makes waste


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