Learn the origin of the dollar sign “$”

Are days I wondered what is the reason for the mystery character mode s, with a vertical line in the middle of it so ($), an indication of dollars word “Dollar” always accepted what this character symbolizes the US dollar, and is considered the meaning to him.


There is a story to that icon and the reason I consider the US dollar recognized brand in the world even today, which is due to XVI in Bohemia century “Czech Republic today”, and specifically after the discovery of several new sources of silver, began the state at that time replacement of gold coins its own cut, large ones of pure silver, and was then the first European currency.

The name of this coin, “Thaler”, and was translated Balongelzah “dollar”, (Thaler / USD), but after several years slowed mine production of silver in Central Europe, countries began to reduce the proportion of silver in its currency.

Some minimized their currency, Spain has become its currency (the dollar Alaspain- pesos), and a lot of silver Bomtlkha ,, is the currency of world trade at that time.

To accelerate writing traders symbols invented indicate the currency was the symbol “P” for “Peso”, and in the case of the combination “Ps”, and with the passage of time summarize perfectly the character “P” of the code, and use Kmadlol a vertical line on the letter “S”, and that This time the symbol “$” became the meaning of the “peso -atar.”

When the United States was formed, I chose the designation of its currency by the dollar, the dollar on the Spanish name, and of course had the same icon for the Spanish dollar, namely the $.

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