Man in the train was playing with his three sons and disturb the passengers


While Dad was sitting calm and curious hangs upon which the train to return home
They were playing with his three sons and moving a lot and disturb passengers who along jaded
Triv.kan father does not lift a finger even if a passenger has to show his annoyance of chaos
Caused by children that did not interest anyone defines even if no one has chastised the children in front of him
One of the passengers was watching with amazement that position and very upset and says to himself
Possess any chilled by this man? And any non-indifference to others?


Boggle this person and said the same in his bed to myself why do not I go to him and tell him how
Distressed and disturbed passengers him to indifference of others nag for his children
He does not lift a finger to do something for those children
And the man actually went a wrathful father’s hand, he says the harsh tone
(Oh man not feel not ashamed … etc)
Once finished man of his speech
Father looked up looked at him strange filled with sadness and sorrow and said to him:
Oh man Telmna not have their mother died yesterday and I’m thinking how I will tell them how Sousbandhm
News and whenever I saw them playing and laughing in my situation I became puzzled how it is salvation?
What was the man, however, he has shed his tears on his cheeks and bowed his head in shame
For his actions and he apologized haste of the father and the children and went to the Adaabhm
Often take a stand and judge before we know the cause and then look
For what reason, but we know that we have signed in Mahzawrogmh train his three sons

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