Mobile ship without power and at least 5 minutes! Effective way



Mobile ship without power and at least 5 minutes! Effective wayIn the name of God the Merciful

Several newspapers this news has dealt with the strange and also has spread to Thread networking sites Alojnmaay sparking a sensation and various discussions between Members
And now let’s take up with you the news and the subject.

There is no doubt; that is the subject of exciting topics, and so will write about in the next few lines wishing to obtain like it; and have the satisfaction,

If your mobile Shipping ended and did not find the shipper or the source of electricity !! Another solution you’ll find on this foliage findings of his scientists, and found in the lush foliage, it is a good idea to charge mobile battery in the case of a vacuum, and botanists have said that plant by electrical energy can be exchanged and storage battery.
The steps charging mobile in this way are:
Attend a green tree leaves
Knit heel these securities parties copper battery square for a minute.
Clean the battery with a soft cloth.
Put the battery again Palmobail.
It may require that you repeat this method several times.
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