Screaming the sky “heard around the world and remains without explanation


Phenomenon began to spread on social networking sites in 2008 when he published a video clip from Belarus in which you hear strange noises difficult to determine their source. According to information circulating that time, the sound was heard within 30-40 kilometers.

And then spread several similar videos from different regions around the world, including Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Canada and Texas in the United States and other regions. It has a similar sound in some videos published, and is similar to the blowing of the trumpet or what Hadera.

Was published in Scientific Discovery site an article on the subject in 2012, shows that the planet making sounds normally, but without the audio frequency levels in humans. And that nature is full of as “background noise” which is a different sound waves from different sources have been passed down for hundreds of miles, in addition to radio signals from communications which form the noise sounds in the event of capture. The article said that the video clips scattered difficult to interpret because it is almost impossible to follow the sound source.


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