See what the child did when holding a Koran


Toddler not to exceed Amra the 9 months appears in the mother with the baby does Bmlaabth like any small child but occurred surprise discovered by the father namely when come to born a Koran and the opening laughs child and smiling and be very happy but when it takes him the Koran and the Bglqh takes the child to cry then restores the parent that attempt many times and the child on his position, laughing and crying, prompting the father to change the Koran another book was not the child noticed but when the Ptbdelh and place it in front of the child is still a child cry and then showed him the father finally Koran again Farrah child smiling Glory to God, no matter how I tried to List the video you what I will not recount everything so I leave you with the video viewing


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