See when you are black merciful than humans .. Hallelujah


Compassion, the instinct of God by the other creatures, and despite the presence of some predatory animals, but there is no doubt of the existence of mercy after inside.
Vhaditna today will be on the lion live with friends of people who took his education when he was young, always and deal with them, but the most surprising thing is that this be warned Assad is fully in dealing with the owner so as not to offend him deadly talons.
When leaving this lion to live among a group of black tigers from the same platoon, and he was in the very best case, when he was living with humans.
This story is summarized as follows:
Some humans and found a small lion took him to Erpoh they have at home, and the large lion day after day and took the play with his friends from humans and Ihdhirr in dealing with them so as not to hurt them because they are with him as his family, but when grown up, Assad made these people to let him go amid a herd of black forest Indeed, Assad lived amid a herd Black Tigers, but was not happy as he was with humans.
After a considerable period of time and when old friends, they went to the forest to the arrival of Atvajioa Assad Ihtdhanhm to them and play with them.
You can imagine my dear reader long-term change and features have not forgotten that Assad humans his friends, and compare between him and the people and some of them at the moment, you comment.
How great is our God


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