Marina Bay Sands is the largest resort in Asia, it is a pride Of Singapore. It is located on the banks of the beautiful Marina Bay Singapore.


Marina Bay Sands is the largest resort in Asia, it is a pride Of Singapore. It is located on the banks of the beautiful Marina Bay Singapore.
Marina bay Sands is like a new world center of Singapore. It serves for business and leisure..
Marina Bay Sands is really a city within the city, where the gathering of entertainment options and vibrant lifestyle. Marina Bay Sands is not only known as an expensive hotel in the world but also tourists fascinated by extremely unique design , including a central hotel , shopping , entertainment , theater , giant pool between heaven and back , museum like blossoming lotus flower and ultra- modern casinos … Moreover, tourists are interested by unique pool area, which stretches across three buildings, it is now regarded as the highest swimming pool in the world.

Singapore is located in the south of Malay Peninsula, it is also called “Lion City Island “. Singapore is the country with the smallest area of Southeast Asia. However, it makes the whole world to admire by the unique architecture of the century structures. All of the structures are built by human creative talent. Therefore, coming to Singapore, tourists have opportunity to discover the beauty and uniqueness of the
world’s famous century structures

Helix Bridge



Helix Bridge is one of the most well-known attractions in Singapore. The bridge was the first double-helix structure in the world with a length of 3.5 km. There are two steel frames joined together with the significance of yin-yang of Asians that is said to bring wealth and happiness, richness for Marina Bay .
Visiting Helis Bridge, tourists can standing on the bridge and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the whole of Singapore. It is more fascinating if tourists come here at night, the lights will be lit across the bridge, bringing a magnificent view for you .

Gardens by the Bays



Gardens by the Bays is situated on the center of Singapore. This is a various garden with several species of flora. In addition, it is a huge botanical garden with more than 200 thousand plants had originally from all over the world, which sets up 18 super-straight trees. Especially, the trunk with integrated photovoltaic cells energy from sunlight to serve the sun shine, besides it stored rainwater to serve the irrigation and can become a fountain.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer


Singapore Flyer has been recognized as the world’s largest ferry today. It is located in Marina Bay. Tourists can watch the landscape from 45 km away and can see two neighboring countries Malaysia and Indonesia when standing on Singapore Flyer.
This is superficial carousel with 28 passenger cabins. Each cabin has the size of a large bus, installed air conditioning, a height equivalent to 42 storeys. Standing at a height of 165m, tourists can drop soul burns flying along beautiful scenery magnificent Marina Bay, the skyline and the green of the tropical garden or watching the sunset at dusk.

Universal Studios


Universal Studios is a beautiful theme park in Singapore. It is modeled as the big studios of Hollywood. It consists of the coated film room, sound design, make up hairdressing salon, modern entertainment parks and many other beautiful scene, shaping famous characters in films such as Jurassic Park, Shrek the cartoon world, Madagascar, mysterious Egypt…
Coming Universal Studios, tourists will see its strange architecture and diversity. What is more, the park also has amusement parks thrills like roller coaster , The Mummy , A Crate Adventure , King Julien ‘s Beach Party – Go – Round …

Coming Singapore, tourists will have chance to find out the wonder of famous century structures. Besides, Singapore Tourism also has many interesting things and surprises waiting for you.


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