travel to 9 FAMOUS ISLAND

Coming to Thailand, tourists can visit many attractive destinations. However, it is opportunity for you to find out the beauty of 5 famous tropical islands in Thailand. In other words, they are regarded as paradises to experience.


Tao island is regarded as a holy land for people who like water sports such as scuba-diving, sea-diving and mild sharps and dolphins are really pleasant to many adventurers.There are 35 dive sites and 60 dive schools in Koh Tao for tourist to choose. Moreover, Koh Tao island is very attractive with other special elements such as: hiking tough roads with different difficult levels, cross forests, cross mountains then hugging total mysterious beauty of Koh Tao picture. Climbing dangerous rock mountains, enjoying barbecue party beside the sea,…

Koh Lipe – a wild island

Koh Lipe has found out since 1990s, up to now it still keepsseveral wild valuable features of a new island with cool air and clean blue water. Moreover, tourists can be introduced to row kayak in the direction of Adang archipelago of Tarutao Nature Reservation. There are vast forests, ideal waterfalls and calm beach, they make tourists more comfortable and fascinated to discover here. This island is really a paradise for tourists.

Koh Phi Phi – background of the “The Beach” film


Ko Phi Phi is a small archipelago belonging to Krabi Province in the South of Thailand. Today, this island is considered as one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Thailand bywonderful scene on ‘’The Beach’’ film. The unique beauty of Koh Phi Phi like a water-color painting by the harmony of turquoise water, white sandy beach, and spectacularly interesting cliffs, and goodweather around year.

Koh Pha Ngan –overnight with beach part


Ko Pha Ngan is a well-known island in the Gulf of Thailand, it is popular for Full Moon Festival on the coast of Haad Rin. Coming here, you can take part in beach party overnight, you can also dance and mix with music. It is sure that you will feel excited and joyful when being relaxed and hear the sounds of waves. What is more, you can have chance to take a trip on the ship, trekking by elephant, snorkeling and paragliding, sea-diving and other water games.

Koh Samui – the ideal site for family holiday


Koh Samui is regarded as a rest paradise for families.Coming here, you probably are surprised by the highlight beauty of the immense white sandy strips, clean blue water and fresh tropical forests as well. There are some resorts in Koh Samui are unique with its architecture. In addition,Koh Samui is not only an ideal site for family holiday but also the best choice of couples during the honeymoons.

The 5 famous tropical islands hides different uniqueness, it bring the curiosity to tourists when

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